"The best surfer out there is the one having the most fun”

Duke Kahanamoku


We have the creature comforts we all have come to enjoy like WiFi connection, ATM access, Satellite and Cable TV, shopping, etc.


Lavaflow Surf School Lanzarote has been sharing its passion for surfing and Ocean Lifestyle since 2001 and is still going strong! You will be introduced to a new and exciting world of surf and Island culture and introduced to the incredible spirit and vibe that only the Ocean can give.

There is a reason that Lanzarote is the Hawaii of Europe and it is very evident when you see our wonderful and awe inspiring landscape, perfect waves and surflife./p>

Our Beautiful Island of Lanzarote embodies all of what makes the Canary Islands the most desirable place to visit on vacation. It’s like a journey back in time, where old cultural ways integrate seamlessly with the new “wave” of today’s younger generation.


The “other” culture that you will be immersed in while visiting us is the “surf and Ocean Culture”. This culture is really a mindset, a lifestyle and you will be living and breathing it the entire time you are with us in Lanzarote. What makes Lanzarote and Lavaflow surf so attractive to people is that everything we do revolves around the art and passion that is wave riding and understanding and enjoying the Ocean!

Our instructors are all very accomplished surfers and watermen with years of experience and training. They enjoy meeting new friends and making lasting friendships with all who come through our “doors”. Each instructor is extremely well trained and educated in the art of teaching surfing, safety, lifeguard skills and first aid / first response with all holding RLSS UK beach lifeguard certification, ILS surf rescue certificates and International surfing association certification.