Owning and running a surf school and Ocean training centre has been a lifelong dream. Growing up in the UK I had longed to spend sunny days in warm water, i hoped to place roots in a peaceful, tropical environment, where I could share my love for surfing and the Ocean with my family, friends and the community.

I have surfed around the world in places such as Hawaii, England, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, and many more destinations, but it wasn’t until I moved to Lanzarote in 1991, that I was able to fulfill the pursuit of my dreams… to live in an area with amazing surf, perfect air and water temperature and a peaceful lifestyle so I could develope Surfing, open water swimming and Stand up paddle as well as introducing Lifesaving and water safety to the local population


People come to Lavaflow surf school Lanzarote to immerse themselves in culture…not just the Lanzarote culture but more importantly the “Surf and Ocean lifestyle Culture”! Lanzarote is an amazing blend of surf culture and native Canarian culture.

Our approach to teaching others to surf is simple: patience and a sense of humor mixed with a vast knowledge of Ocean environment. Our instructors truly enjoy what they are doing and it shows. Come with an open mind and an open heart, and I will guarantee you, you will not only learn to surf and understand the Ocean but your entire outlook on life may change as well.”